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Blog - Customized Massage Therapy


Massage therapy in San Jose can be a little intimidating, if not downright scary. That is, if you have never paid a visit to your massage therapist before. If you have never been to a spa to receive a massage, you may be thinking about just how it will all go down. That is, you aren’t quite comfortable about the whole procedure, and you worry about silly things. Well, if so, you are not alone.

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Deep tissue massage from your San Jose massage therapist is a specialized type of massage therapy that focuses on deep layers of muscle in your body. As with all types of massage therapies, deep tissue massage offers numerous benefits.


There are studies that have concluded that deep tissue massage therapy is more effective and is also more affordable than conventional methods of treating chronic pain. Deep tissue massage therapy increases the flow of blood through the body and helps reduce the inflammation, which is what causes pain. This type of massage also relieves tense muscles, which is often a side effect of chronic pain.

Is your blood pressure a little too high? You might want to consider deep tissue massage. Studies have shown that deep tissue massage therapy can reduce blood pressure by as much as 10 points.

Over a period of time, deep tissue massage can break up and eventually erase the scar tissue on your body. In addition to being a source of ongoing pain and stiffness, scar tissue can also affect your range of motion.

After a stressful day at work, the perfect remedy to frayed nerves is a deep tissue massage. And for those people who suffer chronic stress, you can get much-needed relief with deep tissue massage therapy. You owe it to yourself to feel the pressures of the day simply melt away.

Deep tissue massage is also a great treatment for injured muscles as it eases the pain and promotes healing.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today.

Do you treat yourself to regular massages? We think far too many people in San Jose view massage therapy a simply a luxury as opposed to a wellness plan. Those who understand the benefits of massage therapy are quick to admit they would rather spend the money on a massage than knick-knacks that clutter their home. And for good reason as there are vital reasons you should get a massage on a regular basis.

It is widely accepted that several types of diseases and the complications they bring with them are initiated by stress. It would then make complete sense to do what you can to relieve the stress you suffer. Massage therapy has been proven to increase levels of serotonin and dopamine while lowering cortisone levels, thus helping to relie...

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San Jose sports massage therapy should play a critical role in the life of any man or woman whether they have suffered an injury or not. Sports massage holds a number of benefits that are both physical and physiological.

Massage therapy can help you maintain a body that is in better condition, prevents injuries and prevents loss of mobility. Boost your performance through sports massage therapy.

The stroking movements you receive during a massage sucks fluid through blood and lymph vessels. Tight or damaged muscles squeeze blood out of these places, depriving your tissue the vital nutrients it needs to repair itself. The vacuum creating by massage therapy pumps the needed blood to these key points.

Massage therapy causes the pores in tis...

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You are sitting there on your laptop, tablet or with your smartphone clicking through all the pages of our website and thinking about how wonderful it would be if you were to get a deep tissue massage from your San Jose massage therapist. But yet, you are still here reading this instead of on the phone making that appointment. Is there a good reason for that? Don’t for a second think that deep tissue massage, or any type of massage for that matter, is strictly for the wealthy or otherwise well off population. You have every right to receive a massage and you are worth it!

But, if you are having a hard time making that call, then go ahead and read on.

One of the best reasons to get a massage is in its ability to reduce stress. Getti...

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Imagine your life having to live with chronic pain. Every single day you wake up in pain and much of the time you don’t get enough sleep knowing your day will involve pain. And then, the depression and anxiety and other emotional responses to chronic pain kick in. But there is good news for those suffering from chronic pain. There is research that shows massage therapy in San Jose can be an excellent tool in pain management and pain relief. Here is what has been discovered concerning massage therapy and chronic pain.

It seems that those who receive massage therapy for chronic pain become more aware of their bodies as well as the pain they experience. A massage therapist does more than just provide relief from pain, but also provide...

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We often think about getting a massage because we feel we deserve to be pampered. We view massage therapy as a luxury that makes us feel spoiled. The truth is, there are far better reasons to get a deep tissue massage from your Los Altos massage therapist. In fact, you may very well be surprised at the benefits you will enjoy when you engage in massage therapy.

It is well known that receiving a massage is very relaxing, even to the point you may actually doze off. But that massage is doing more than just putting you in a relaxed state, it is helping you better cope with the stresses of your daily lives. Stress is directly related to a variety of conditions and health issues in our lives, from headaches to cancer, stress causes us a ton o...

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Massage therapy for residents of Los Altos is more than just relaxing “me” time. Studies continue to prove the physical and emotional benefits that sports massage, deep tissue massage and prenatal massage provide. Here is a short list of the benefits you can expect from massage therapy, you will be pleasantly surprised we are sure.

A healthy lifestyle starts and ends with eliminating as much stress as possible. Now, you can’t simply stop doing the things that stress you out, we all have to make a living after all, but massage is the ideal way to get that much-needed stress relief. Even a single massage can significantly lower your heart rate and insulin levels, which will do wonders in reducing stress.

You may suffer fr...

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Let that sink in for a minute…….

It’s great that most people are now trying to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise several days a week. But if you’re on your butt for many hours at work or at home, all that exercise won’t do you any good if you’re not active for the rest of the day.

What can you do about being more active during the workday?
For every hour you sit, set aside 2 to 5 minutes to stand up or move.

Examples of what you can do in those 2 to 5 minutes:

Simply stand up (make your phone calls or do emails on your portable devices while standing)Do jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges/squats, or burpees.Pace at or around your deskWalk dow...

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