There Are Far Better Reasons To Get A Deep Tissue Massage From Your Los Altos Massage Therapist Than Just For The Pampering

We often think about getting a massage because we feel we deserve to be pampered. We view massage therapy as a luxury that makes us feel spoiled. The truth is, there are far better reasons to get a deep tissue massage from your Los Altos massage therapist. In fact, you may very well be surprised at the benefits you will enjoy when you engage in massage therapy.

It is well known that receiving a massage is very relaxing, even to the point you may actually doze off. But that massage is doing more than just putting you in a relaxed state, it is helping you better cope with the stresses of your daily lives. Stress is directly related to a variety of conditions and health issues in our lives, from headaches to cancer, stress causes us a ton of grief. Managing your stress through massage therapy means you are helping to prevent physical problems in your body. When you suffer stress, and we all do, your body releases hormones that help react to the situation, but this fight or flight reaction can become prolonged and makes it difficult to relax. A massage releases endorphins, like dopamine and serotonin, which tell your body to settle down and make you feel better. Beat stress through massage therapy.

The prescription painkillers you are taking for your back pain or other chronic conditions, they are responsible for more deaths each year in the United States than cocaine and heroin combined. That right there is a pretty scary statistic. Further research shows that for every death from a prescription pain medication there are 10 people who seek treatment for abuse, over 800 people who are taking pain meds for non-medical use and 130 people who are dependent on painkillers. Now, massage therapy may not be the miracle cure for your pain, but it is a legitimate and proven way to help manage chronic pain.

Massage therapy can also be used to improve your mental well-being. Psychological health issues like depression and anxiety can be directly related to cortisol levels. There are several studies that suggest massage helps combat depression because, in addition to reducing cortisol levels, neurotransmitters are increased. In many ways, psychological problems often manifest themselves in physical ways, like when you droop your shoulders or slump over when you are depressed. Massage helps correct this structural collapse that occurs when you are feeling down.

Want a better way to stay awake throughout the day than multiple cups of coffee? Massage can be an amazing and rejuvenating pick-me-up. Receiving a massage will improve your circulation and increase the levels of oxygen in your blood, making it easier for nutrients to travel to the places they need to go.

Receiving regular massages can boost your immune system. As mentioned above, better circulation is the best way to remove harmful bacteria from the body and reduce waste buildup. Massage stimulates circulation and helps keep the processes in your body in good working order.

And to think these are just a few benefits you enjoy when you get a massage.

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