Massage Therapy In San Jose Can Be A Little Intimidating

Massage therapy in San Jose can be a little intimidating, if not downright scary. That is, if you have never paid a visit to your massage therapist before. If you have never been to a spa to receive a massage, you may be thinking about just how it will all go down. That is, you aren’t quite comfortable about the whole procedure, and you worry about silly things. Well, if so, you are not alone.


Your appointment is set for later in the afternoon, so you wonder if you should shower before you go in. Here is the deal, you don;t need to worry about taking a shower. However, if you are the type who sweats, you can certainly use a washcloth and run it under your arms. But if you don’t stink, don’t worry about it.

Worried about the fact you have hairy legs? Well, your massage therapist really doesn’t care. Massage therapists see dozens of people almost every day, and it is highly likely they have given a massage to someone with legs even hairier than yours. In addition, it might have been a female. So don’t get hung up on these types of things. Also, every massage therapist out there has seen weird looking body parts, like strange toes for example. So if you think you have weird looking toes, your therapist won’t care.

You might want to remove any jewelry that might get in the way. While earrings are usually fine, necklaces can become a burden and should be removed before you have your massage.

If you are nervous before your appointment, that is quite normal. By the time your therapist begins the massage, you will feel quite relaxed.

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